Case Report: Cardiac Arrest in a Man Who Has Overdosed

Guillaume Davido, MD


March 09, 2022

All of the answers are correct. There's a bidirectional relationship between addictions and psychiatric disorders. For example, depressive disorders can be secondary to substance use, or they can be primary, just like addictive disorders; often, alcohol helps a person stay in control as they're "coming down" after taking opioids, and opioids make it possible to cope with the depression that can set in after the consumption of alcohol.

Infectious complications are commonly related to IV injections (such as cellulitis, lymphangitis, abscess, hepatic viral infections, HIV, bacterial endocarditis, and candida infections of the eyes or joints). ENT complications can arise when a person snorts drugs, because inhaling cocaine or any other substance through the nose increases the risk for sinusitis or nasal septum perforation.


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