Fast Five Quiz: Management of Chronic Kidney Disease Anemia

Pradeep Arora, MD


April 19, 2022

ESAs are used in anemic patients with CKD with the goal of avoiding blood transfusions and minimizing anemia-related symptoms. According to 2012 Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) guidelines, ESAs should not be used to maintain a hemoglobin concentration > 11.5 g/dl in adult patients or > 12.0 g/dl in pediatric patients with CKD anemia. Epidemiologic studies have supported that full correction of anemia is not beneficial and may be associated with potential risks: stroke, increased mortality, and cardiovascular side effects.

Though red blood cell transfusions rapidly correct anemia, they are typically avoided when possible owing to the associated risks, especially those in patients who are eligible for organ transplant, according to Mikhail and colleagues.

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