Fast Five Quiz: The Epidemiology of Psoriatic Arthritis

Eric Ruderman, MD


March 10, 2022

Approximately 80%-90% of patients with PsA exhibit nail symptoms, such as nail pitting and nail bed separation. Other risk factors include low level of education, use of retinoid medications, and uveitis.

PsA is observed more often in patients with severe cutaneous psoriasis, particularly involving the scalp and intergluteal area.

There is no evidence to suggest that HIV infection affects the incidence of psoriasis. However, HIV patients with preexisting psoriasis may experience more severe flare-ups.

Obesity (body mass index, ≥ 33 kg/m2) is associated with increased disease activity and poorer response to treatment. While there are some studies that suggest obesity is a risk factor for the development of PsA, it is not as strong a risk factor as nail disease. Weight loss may reduce disease activity and improve outcomes.

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