Fast Five Quiz: Malignant Melanoma

William James, MD


August 21, 2020

Guidelines from the European Dermatology Forum, European Association of Dermato-Oncology, and European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer were released in January 2020. Recommendations include:

  • The eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer should be used for classification into prognostic stages.

  • When melanoma is suspected based on clinical findings, it should be confirmed using histopathologic studies.

  • Dermatoscopy should be used for assessing all nonpigmented and pigmented skin lesions. Training in dermatoscopy is considered mandatory.

  • Use whole-body photography with sequential examinations when assessing high-risk patients for early melanoma detection.

  • Use sequential digital dermatoscopy to help improve early melanoma detection; this technique should be used in high-risk patients in whom the total nevus count is high.

  • The use of confocal laser microscopy can be considered for the further evaluation of clinically or dermatoscopically equivocal skin lesions.

  • Ultrasonography should be performed on locoregional lymph nodes as part of the initial workup for all primary melanomas staged pT1b or higher.

Read a summary of the European consensus-based interdisciplinary guidelines.


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