Fast Five Quiz: Upper Urinary Tract Urothelial Carcinoma (UUTUC)

Kyle A. Richards, MD


August 13, 2020

Figure 1. Right retrograde pyelogram demonstrating a large filling defect in mid-ureter due to urothelial carcinoma (large arrow). Note the characteristic appearance of radiographic contrast material just distal to obstruction (small arrow), which gives rise to the "goblet sign." Contrast is also visible beyond the partially obstructed segment of ureter in the renal pelvis and collecting system.

The peak incidence of renal pelvic tumors is in the 60- to 70-year age group: these tumors rarely occur before age 40 years.

Men are affected approximately twice as frequently as women, and incidence is slightly higher in African American persons than in those of other ethnicities.

Learn more about the epidemiology of UUTUC.


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