Fast Five Quiz: Psoriatic Arthritis Imaging

Herbert S. Diamond, MD


February 01, 2022

MRI is the most sensitive and specific imaging method for visualizing active enthesitis, dactylitis, synovitis, erosions, and bone marrow edema.

Whole-body MRI is emerging as a promising alternative for the comprehensive study of patients with psoriatic arthritis. It can also be useful for distinguishing psoriatic arthritis from rheumatoid arthritis.

In a 2015 study of whole-body MRI in patients with psoriatic arthritis, some areas (such as the hips, knees, spine, and sacroiliac joints) were almost always successfully visualized, whereas other areas were more problematic (such as the elbows and distal joints of the hands and feet). Improvements in technology and technique are emerging.

Learn more about the emerging role of MRI in psoriatic arthritis.


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