Fast Five Quiz: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Presentation and Diagnosis

Romesh Khardori, MD, PhD


January 30, 2020

Prior to the onset of type 2 DM, patients with an FBG level of 100-125 mg/dL or a 2-hour PGL of 140-200 mg/dL during an OGTT are considered to have prediabetes (also referred to as impaired fasting glucose).

An OGTT is not usually necessary to diagnose type 1 DM. Most patients with type 1 DM have signs and symptoms of diabetes, so the diagnosis typically can be confirmed with a random PGL of > 200 mg/dL.

Although a FBG level > 100 mg/dL is one of the five conditions that comprise metabolic syndrome, at least three of the conditions must be present for the diagnosis.

Patients with diabetes insipidus have normal FBG and PGL levels.

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