Fast Five Quiz: Melanoma Treatment

Chih-Shan Jason Chen, MD, PhD


January 24, 2020

Figure 1. Melanoma

Surgery is the definitive treatment for early-stage primary melanoma. Traditionally, complete lymph node dissection is recommended for patients who have positive SLNB results. Alternatively, ultrasonographic surveillance of the nodal basin can be offered for those who prefer no lymph node dissection.

In patients with solitary or acutely symptomatic brain metastases, surgical excision or stereotactic radiation can relieve symptoms and provide local control of the disease. Medical management is reserved for adjuvant therapy of patients with advanced melanoma. However, less than half of patients with deep primary tumors (> 4 mm) or regional lymph node involvement will have long-term disease-free survival. In such patients, adjuvant medical therapy should be considered.

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