Fast Five Quiz: Alzheimer Disease Management

Jasvinder P. Chawla, MD, MBA


August 19, 2020

In the United States and Europe, the focus of research and development of drugs to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer disease has transitioned to prevention, early detection, and treatment of early-stage Alzheimer disease. The recent discovery of biomarkers associated with Alzheimer disease, past evidence of protective factors against Alzheimer disease, and the failure of medication trials in patients with moderate to severe Alzheimer disease prompted a shift to prevention.

Vaccine trials against Alzheimer disease are promising and could change projections of Alzheimer disease and future costs to healthcare industries worldwide, and lead to healthier elderly populations.

Development of medications solely for severe Alzheimer disease, investment in daycare programs for patients with advanced Alzheimer disease, and early retirement programs to prevent Alzheimer disease are not the focus of drug research and development in the United States and Europe.

Learn more about early detection, prevention, and treatment of Alzheimer disease.

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