Clinical Trends for August 2017

Ryan Syrek


September 01, 2017

Clinical Trend of the Week (August 5-11): Appendicitis

Debate over a potential new approach to treating a relatively common condition is responsible for this week's top search term. A recent meta-analysis compared antibiotic therapy to surgical treatment in patients with uncomplicated appendicitis. This prompted a response from Dr. Albert Lowenfels, who had many unresolved questions about the role of antibiotics in appendicitis and suggested that surgery will continue to be the "dominant treatment strategy." In turn, surgeon leaders of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute‒funded trial, "Comparing Outcomes of Drugs and Appendectomy (CODA)," responded by agreeing that appendectomy should be considered over antibiotics. However, those surgeons also encouraged patients and clinicians to remain "open-minded about the potential value of antibiotics while at the same time not offering antibiotics for appendicitis as part of usual practice." The CODA trial seeks to provide more information on this ongoing debate, and further studies on the issue are likely as well.

For more information on appendicitis, read here.


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