Clinical Trends for March 2017

Ryan Syrek


March 31, 2017

Clinical Trend of the Week (March 18-24): Pneumonia

This week's top search term has an "inappropriate" cause. Two studies recently determined that inappropriate use of broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat pneumonia in children remains common. In one study, the electronic medical records of more than 10,000 children treated for pneumonia found that macrolides and other broad-spectrum antibiotics were prescribed more often than amoxicillin, the appropriate treatment as recommended by current guidelines. A second study reviewed treatment of children hospitalized for pneumonia at 28 different hospitals. Findings revealed that hospitals who created initiatives to boost adherence to guidelines saw a nearly 30% increase in appropriate prescriptions, compared with about 20% in hospitals without those initiatives. Together, these studies shed light on the state of antibiotic use in pediatric pneumonia and resulted in this week's top search term.

For more information on pneumonia, read here.


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