Clinical Trends for May 2016

Ryan Syrek


May 27, 2016

Clinical Trend of the Week (May 13-20): Generic Crestor

Technically, it was a "two for one" with our top search term this week, as both "generic Crestor" and "Crestor generic" topped our most popular searches. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a generic version of rosuvastatin calcium in various pill strengths. As a statin, the approved indication is that the drug be used in combination with changes in diet to treat hypertriglyceridemia in adults. It is also approved in combination with diet in patients with primary type 3 hyperlipoproteinemia and may be used alone or with other cholesterol treatments in adults with homozygous familial cholesterolemia. Given the fact that statins are among the most widely prescribed pharmaceutical treatments in history, this new generic that should carry a smaller price has caught the eye of physicians previously leery about prescribing other, more expensive medications. This one small generic could have a major impact.

For more information on Hypertriglyceridemia, read here.


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