Fast Five Quiz: Can You Properly Identify Ulcerative Colitis and Initiate Best Treatment?

Marc D. Basson, MD, PhD, MBA


December 02, 2014

Several complications have been reported after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis procedures. The anastomotic leak rate is 7%-9%. If anastomotic leak occurs, fecal diversion, percutaneous drain placement, or repeat surgery with removal or revision of the reservoir is required.

Pelvic abscess, which frequently accompanies an anastomotic leak, occurs in about 5% of cases. Among patients with a pelvic abscess, 26% require excision of the pouch. Only 5.9% of patients without an abscess have pouch failure that requires removal. Complete incontinence is reported in only 2%. Sexual dysfunction, manifested by retrograde ejaculation or impotence, occurs in 3% of males.

For more on the complications of ileal pouch/anal anastomosis procedures in patients with ulcerative colitis, read here.

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