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  • Identifying Lesions on Skin of Color As US population demographics change, clinicians need to be familiar with variations in the prevalence and clinical presentation of dermatologic disease in people with skin of color. Learn how to recognize various lesions on skin of color.
  • Animal Bites: What You Need to Know Animal bites contribute significantly to US emergency department visits each year. Learn about the most common animal bites and their complications.
  • Foreign Bodies in the Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Tracts: Curious Findings Common, curious, and often challenging, foreign bodies in the GI and GU tracts carry a unique set of presentations, risks, and treatment options.
  • Deadly Skin Cancers Although many skin cancers are highly curable if detected early and appropriately treated, certain types are particularly aggressive and have a propensity for invasion and metastasis.